April 10, 2011 Inaugural Sesquicentennial Program

2011 Anniversary Bulletin

 “An Anniversary is a time for stable recollection, warm friendship and love and the human pleasure of a meal together but most of all, a dedication to what lies ahead.  Ahead of us stands Our Lord who we are and to whose mission we are committed.  Without joyous movement and triumphant success there is no Christian life…Remember you are standing on the threshold of the new realm of the Spirit on the most significant terrain of the planet.  The Lord bless you and keep you!”

Well wishes from Lewis J. Hutton, CHPC Pastor (1955-1962)  written in a letter sent September 29, 1969 to CHPC declining to attend the 100th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone on October 5.  

History Program

2011 Anniversary Offering

Grateful Hearts Sesquicentennial Program

Brief History of Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church

Pastors 1962-2011

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