April 29, 2012 Anniversary Sunday Program

On April 29, 2012 we celebrated the founding of Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church.  We dedicated a special historic marker that was installed on the front of the church, opening a new pictorial display and taking a special Anniversary Offering.

A sense of the historical is something you cannot escape in the District of Columbia.  It is palpable as walk around Capitol Hill.  As you look at the variety of old buildings, you wonder at the role each played in creating the story of the Hill.  In particular, the non-government buildings put a personal twist on the stories of the Hill; and Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church, like all churches, houses personal and spiritual history; the births, marriages, deaths and other life experiences that shade a community.  Please read the first person account from Barbara Beach on living near Capitol Hill in Prince George’s County and the merger of Eastern and Metropolitan Presbyterian churches. 

This is the 148th year of Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church’s service to the Capitol Hill Community and the larger region. This year we  honored the legacy of the period from 1909 to 1962.  We highlighted two significant events in the life of this congregation in this period:  the ministry of J. LowreyFendrich (1938-1944); and in 1954 the merger of two Presbyterian Congregations on the Hill. In 2013 we will celebrate the period from 1869 to 1909 and in 2014 we will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the organizing of the congregation and the granting of its charter.

Once again, welcome to our 148th Anniversary and enjoy your journey into the history of this congregation.  See more pictures of our Anniversary Service.  -The History Committee


Historic Plaque

Gary and Annie with picture from new display

Frank, Sue, Dudley, Maryann, Barbara and Gene

Sue and Andy

Anniversary Program

Chris as Rev. Fendrich


Barbara formerly with Eastern

Chris, Annie and Brandon

Barbara and Sue

Lights from Eastern

Baptismal font from Eastern


Jennifer and Jerry

Claudia, Sally and Joni

Andy and Dan