2012 Anniversary Offering


Chapel Improvements

Every year we ask the congregation and friends of the church to contribute to an Anniversary Offering that benefits one of the outstanding maintenance issues in our church building. This year, the 2012 offering is dedicated to improvements in the Chapel originally built in 1892.

The congregation and friends are asked to prayerfully consider an offering in support of the following:

 *          Restoration of two of the remaining stained glass windows—leaving only the large center window to be done. $5800.00

*          The purchase and installation of two 36”x96” doors at the entrances to the Chapel.  $1400.00

*          The remodeling of the hallway lead-ing to the Chapel from the south garden: including the reworking of the electrical wires and outlets, installation of sheet-rock and restoration or replacement of the flooring.  $2000.00

*          The purchase and installation of a heat pump air conditioning system to replace the window air conditioners in the Chapel. $9000.00

*          The purchase of play equipment and additional outdoor furniture for the south yard—the entrance to this lovely historic building.  $1000.00

Total: $19,200.00