Grateful Hearts Chronology

“There is nothing outside of us that can bring peace.  Peace comes from a grateful heart from within.”

Daily Insight from 21 Days of Gratitude; Day 7:  Inner Peace

Grateful Hearts Sesquicentennial Program Chronology
September 2010-December 2012

Summer 2010

The Session decides to celebrate the upcoming church sesquicentennial (in 2014) and embark on a capital campaign. The Session approves “Grateful Hearts” as a theme for the 3 ½ year program. Wilson Golden from New York Avenue Presbyterian is consulted on their bicentennial and capital campaign.

September 2010

The Session approves a resolution authorizing the Sesquicentennial Committee on September 21 to be active through 2014. Leslie Barbour is named chairman. The Session also approves a kickoff plan to engage the congregation through the first 7 months.

October 2010

The Session approves a resolution from the History Committee and the Sesquicentennial Committee to designate April 10, 2011 as Anniversary Sunday and Sesquicentennial Kickoff Sunday; The Session also votes in favor of a resolution from Sesquicentennial Committee to approve January 30, 2011 for a congregational meeting to brief members on plans for the capital campaign.

November 2010

The Sesquicentennial Committee develops a projects list survey and on November 7, 14, & 21 members of the congregation participate in focus group discussions with 6 group leaders (Ami Joy Rop, Diane LaVoy, Frank Allen, Claudia Nadig, Rita Johnson, Andy Rush). The Committee reserves a new domain name for website development and considers signs for Capitol Hill.

December 2010

The Session agrees to the designs for the Sesquicentennial and Grateful Hearts program and designates areas for signs on church property. The Committee agrees with Pastor’s suggestion to plan special worship programs in church for months with a 5th Sunday (January 30, May 29, July 31 and October 30).

January 2011

The Committee holds tours of the church building and Manse and joins with the Hospitality Committee to hold a “Chili Bowl” potluck on January 9 and the winner of the first chili competition is “Zeek” Dzeikan; the first Sesquicentennial Kickoff meeting is held on January 10 and “Where in the world is a grateful heart” annual program is approved and launched on January 30. Congregational meeting/power point briefing with new tri-fold brochure is held January 30 with a Ken Burns style slide show featuring church members and history; a capital campaign is announced.

February 2011

The Committee meets on February 10 and agrees on a Sidewalk sale fundraiser for Saturday, May 7, approves a Book of the Bible Supper fundraiser for Saturday, September 10 and approves resolution to name a legacy/bequest program after the first Rev. of CHPC, John Chester. Banners are hung.

March 2011

The third Sesquicentennial Committee meeting is held with the History Committee and Hospitality Ministry on March 16 to discuss the April 10 Anniversary Sunday program. Anniversary offering tri-fold brochure is developed describing how the funds from the offering will be used to improve the Chapel.

April 2011

The kickoff of the Grateful Hearts Sunday, April 10 Anniversary worship service is held with very good attendance.  A special program honors the last 50 years of church history with music from the GW Troubadours.   Advertising is purchased in the Hill Rag.  The Anniversary Offering nets $11,150.00 for Chapel/Annex improvements.  Congregation dedicates the new Grateful Hearts Anniversary Celebration Banner on Easter Sunday.

May 2011

The Committee organizes a “It’s History Sidewalk Sale” on Saturday May 7.  Sale raises nearly $3000.00 and contributes to 3 Capitol Hill non-profit organizations and recycles leftover materials.   Committee meets on May 19.

June 2011

Session approves CHPC participating as a member in the Presbyterian Endowment, Education & Resource (PEER) Network for the year; approves CHPC joining the Capitol Hill Association of Merchants and Professionals (CHAMPs) for the year; and supports developing the three elements of a capital campaign (three year solicitation program; a long term legacy and recognition program; and a long term planned giving program).

July 2011

Committee meets on Thursday, July 14 at 7:30pm. The Committee discusses the Books of the Bible Dinners and Welcome Back Peg and Andy Walton dessert reception on September 10.  Committee Chair meets with Session on quiet campaign plans.  Pictures from the Anniversary Sunday are displayed in Fellowship Hall.  The July 31 5th Sunday worship program includes thoughts from members on “attitude of gratitude.”

September 2011

The Sesquicentennial Committee achieved its goal of this year raising its budget ($5000.00) for 2011 from a yard sale at the church which had income of nearly $3000.00 and from the Books of the Bible dinners on September 10 which has raised at least $3700.00. The event attracted 73 participants including former members, friends of members or individuals from the Capitol Hill community. The Committee has already helped the History Committee and the Property Ministry with support for their activities from these funds. The Committee intends to purchase a plaque for the exterior of the church noting the historic significance of the church in the Capitol Hill Community, assist the History Committee with a brochure about the church, develop a pictorial history of the church for display in Fellowship Hall, purchase the first year of a limited edition Sesquicentennial Christmas ornament, develop the first year of a limited edition package of notecards and purchase a laminating machine for production of the 2012 bookmark at the January Chili Bowl.

October 2011

The Committee meets on Tuesday, October 12 at 7:30pm and decides to again hold two fundraisers in 2012.  The yard sale will  be held on Saturday May 12 on Mother’s Day weekend and the Books of the Bible Dinners will be held on Saturday, September 29.   The Committee approved a $5000 budget for 2012 and sent its request to the Finance Ministry.  The Committee passed two motions for Session approval to designate Sunday, April 29 as Anniversary Sunday and to designate January 30, April 29, July 29, September 30, and December 30 for the special 5th Sunday Worship programs in 2012.

November 2011

History Committee includes a “Minute for History” during the service acknowledging the dedication of the Metropolitan Church on 12/8/1872 featuring Frank Allen as Rev. John Chester.

December 2011

The new Sesquicentennial ornament and ornament trees for the Sanctuary arrive.  The ornaments are offered to the congregation and are now available at the gift shop page on the Sesquicentennial website.  Pastor Walton speaks to Ward 8 Council Member Tommy Wells and his staff at a community meeting on H Street about the church Sesquicentennial and presents the ornament.

The historic marker designed by the History Committee and the laminating machine arrive at the church. The Sesquicentennial Committee designates funds from the 2011 budget to be used in 2012 for the History booklet and the historic photo exhibit for Fellowship Hall.

January 2012

The Committee organizes the second Chili Bowl and the winner of the chili competition is Graham Cornwell.  The Committee awarded prizes to the 2011 Grateful Hearts Contest winners on Sunday, January 15 at the Chili Bowl.

Furthest from CHPC – 16,257 miles to Perth Australia – Sally and Fred Biery

Highest altitude – 4,000 feet – Government Camp OR – Leslie and Gary Barbour

Greatest Depth – Sea Level – Cape of Good Hope, South Africa – Chris and Lisa Smith

Sporting Event – Washington Nationals Game – Sue Van Slyke

Best Celebrity – Berlin Wall – Jaime Chope (with Aadika and Naime)

Members of the History Committee and Sesquicentennial Committee attended the opening of the Kiplinger Research facility at the Carnegie Library  on MLK Day, January 16 hosted by the Historical Society of Washington, D.C.  Leslie Barbour meets members of the Board of the Historical Society and presents the Sesquicentennial ornament.

February 2012

The Committee meets on Monday, February 20 at 6:00pm and decides activities and events for the first 9 months of 2012.   The Committee will help with Anniversary Sunday on April 29, promote the yard sale on Saturday May 12, promote the Peter Yarrow Concert on Saturday, June 9, hold the Books of the Bible Dinners on Saturday, September 29.   The Committee further discussed the Grateful Hearts program and approved a list of elders and church members to discuss the elements of the program.

March 2012

The Committee approves the purchase of banners to be displayed on the front of the church for the April-June events. The Committee also agreed to a full year of advertising in the Hill Ra As we did last year the Committee approved advertising with the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) in the April 14 Art and Go Seek program and advertising for the next six months.  The 150 website was updated.

April 2012

May 2012

June 2012

September 2012

October 2012

November 2012

December 2012

The final 5th Sunday Worship program on December 30th featured a you-name-your favorite Christmas carol.  It was a fun and joyful service.   The Committee prepared and submitted the 2012 Annual Report summary of the Sesquicentennial Committee Activities for review at the congregational meeting in February 2013.

January 2013

The Committee organizes the third Chili Bowl and the winners are Vicki Glass and Graham Cornwell (tie), second place- Sylvana Hallman and third place- Ida May Mantel.