2011 Contest

Ver. 2: Joe, Missy and son in Hong Kong

Where in the World is a Grateful Heart?  Contest

The Grateful Hearts sticker was the newest accessory to wear in 2011.   They appeared all over the world from DC to San Francisco to Hong Kong, to Perth, to Johannesburg, Glasgow and Berlin.

Prizes were awarded at the January 15th Chili Bowl at CHPC to:

The Committee awarded prizes to the 2011 Grateful Hearts Contest winners on Sunday, January 15 at the Chili Bowl.

Furthest from CHPC – 16,257 miles to Perth Australia – Sally and Fred Biery

Highest altitude – 4,000 feet – Government Camp OR – Leslie and Gary Barbour

Greatest Depth – Sea Level – Cape of Good Hope, South Africa – Chris and Lisa Smith

Sporting Event – Washington Nationals Game – Sue Van Slyke

Best Celebrity – Berlin Wall – Jaime Chope (with Aadika and Naime)

Contact activitieschpc@gmail.com to get your stickers or find them on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.

Maryann in Scotland

Claudia and Dan in San Francisco

Leslie at Mt. Hood Oregon

Joe, Missy and son in Hong Kong

Baby L in Portland Oregon

Brandon at the church

Fred at the Church

Elizabeth at the Church

Jane at the Church

Cape of Good Hope

Grateful Heats at St.Kilda in Perth

With Lions in South Africa

Chris & Lisa in Soweto South Africa

Sue at Washington National's Stadium

Where is Jamie? Hint: famous Cal university

Where is Jamie & friends? Hint: strong economy in Europe

Maryann at Plantation Florida

Jamie, Aadika and Naime, at the Berlin Wall

Sue at the ballpark